Newsletter - March, 2010

Big news at RhodeSoft's Reading Rhino! We just launched "But That Wasn't the Best Part" - a delightful story by Jerry Jindrich, creator of the entertaining and educational Website Chateau Meddybemps. Sound effects and narration by Jacob Rhodes and yours truly. See details at the bottom of this newsletter. Wishing everyone a blessed Passover or Easter season! - Toni Rhodes

Children's Apps - What's New?

Do you have a toddler to entertain and educate? "Sound Touch" by Eran Talmor is popular with the little ones and their parents. Children touch the bright, colorful pictures and hear the sound of the pictured object or animal in 4 categories - farm animals, zoo animals, transportation, and musical instruments.

The app "Kids Sound Machine" by Genera Games is overwhelmingly popular with parents and babysitting kid brothers who've left reviews at the iTunes App Store. The review site AppShouter says the app has 6 different screens with different children’s songs. As the songs play each screen also has several interactive elements that are activated by touch. These elements range from men rowing a boat, to fishing, to even a submarine! (Interesting R-rated Website for Genera Games.)

Reading and Writing Learning Activities

Does your child need prompting to write? Lo, and behold, now there are monthly (October through June) "Exquisite Prompts,"sponsored by The Reading Rockets and Well-known children's writers, such as Nikki Grimes (When Gorilla Goes Walking), challenge young writers with monthly story starters.

Have you given up trying to get your teenager to read? According to the Website, some teens just aren't interested in reading novels, but do enjoy learning new facts, skills and even trivia from non-fiction titles, including biographies, histories, titles about sports or science, even how-to books. Read more . . .

Books, Books, Books

"Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature" is the new book by award-winning author Sarah C. Campbell. Using photographs of natural objects, such as pine cones and shells, Sarah explains the Fibonacci number sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8, Do you see the pattern?). After reading this book, children will be inspired to find the sequence all around them in nature.

"Little Mabel blew a bubble, and it caused a lot of trouble . . ." This is the start of a picture book called "Bubble Trouble" by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Polly Dunbar (Clarion books). The whole neighborhood gets involved in this rhyming story of baby floating above their heads in a bubble. I can imagine young children loving all the wibble-wobbling, bubble-bobbling language and the problem of how to get baby down!

News from RhodeSoft's Reading Rhino

Do you like your picture books with music and sound effects? Our new story app, "But That Wasn't the Best Part," takes you along to the grand parade of the International Banana Festival! You'll hear the sounds of the crowd, the wail of the police car siren, the clang-clang of the old fire engine, and the toot-toot- puff-puff of the little train! Children love to guess the end of the story - the best part! They'll also love to play the sound effects without the narration - perhaps using the sounds to to create their own story! Get a preview of our new app at my blog Read reviews of "But That Wasn't the Best Part" at Please leave reviews at the iTunes App Store - thank you!!


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