Reviews of "But That Wasn't the Best Part"

The iPhone Mom said: But That Wasn’t the Best Part tells the tale of the International Banana Festival’s Grand Parade. The story does a great job describing all the sights and sounds of a parade. Some are traditional and some uniquely banana-ish. The narrator does a nice job and the sound effects liven things up quite a bit. You can choose to have the story read aloud to you or read it to yourself. I can honestly say that I didn’t see the ending coming and I was a little surprised at what the best part turned out to be. I don’t want to spoil it for you but it doesn’t involve circus animals, motor vehicles, clowns, balloons, magic tricks or money falling from the sky. It does involve something you can eat. A child will probably love a story that ends with something you can eat. And as I’m thinking about this…our neighboring town has an annual Dairy Days parade in the summer. During the parade they hand out little milk jugs and that is my kids favorite part.

The Mama's Money Savers Blog said: I think this interactive book is adorable. I love that you can click on 1-3 parts of the screen for additional sound effects, which is Aidan’s favorite part! The narrator also has a great voice for narrating a children’s book and his speed is just right for kids. The pictures and graphics throughout the story are very colorful and neat looking, and the story is actually quite long. There is a police car, fire engine, train, parade scenes, and so much going on in this cute story about what happens at a parade. It is super easy to navigate this book as you just slide the screen for the next page and just click on the dark black words for sound effects. You can also turn off the narrator, if you would like. Overall, I think this App is adorable for both boys and girls of all ages!